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32nd Conference of the AIKS

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32nd Conference of the AIKS 

7th January 2010

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Condolence Resolution

Resolution  on Martyrs 

The 32nd.Conference of All India Kisan Sabha deeply mourns and expresses its strong anguish at the brutal killings of over 200 innocent people by terrorists at different places of Mumbai on 26th.Nov.2008 and at some other places in the country in the intervening period.  


The 32nd.Conference of All India Kisan Sabha registers  its strong protest and anguish at the brutal killing  of Com. Inderjeet Singh , member of AIKC and vice president of Punjab State Kisan Sabha, by the criminal and goondas employed by class enemies.


The 32nd.Conference of All India Kisan Sabha expresses its strong  protest and anguish at he brutal killings of a number of comrades by the goons of landlords in Bihar, farmers and cadres killed  by police firing in land struggles in Andhra Pradesh and in struggle for water and power in Rajasthan, hundreds of  comrades killed in West Bengal by Maoists & Trinamool Congress and several comrades killed by RSS goons in Kerala since last  all India conference. The 32nd.Conference of All India Kisan Sabha salutes their martyrdom and also of all those martyred, who have laid their lives fighting against  class enemies, separatists extremists, communal and  divisive forces in different regions of the country and dips its red banner in their memory and pledges to continue the struggles for the sacred  cause  for which they gave their supreme  sacrifice. 

Com.Harkishan Singh Surjeet-

The 32nd.Conference of All India Kisan Sabha expresses its profound grief at the passing away of Com. Harkishan Singh Surjeet a veteran kisan leader, freedom fighter, former General Secretary of CPI(M) and a prominent national political personality. He died on August 1,2008, after a prolonged illness at the age of 93. Com. Surjeet plunged into freedom  struggle just after the martyrdom of Bhagat Singh. He was  arrested several times. Out of ten years of his jail life, Britishers put him behind the bars  for 8 years. He had to remain underground also for several years. He was associated with the kisan movement and Kisan Sabha from the very beginning.


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